Paradox may not be as well known as the other brands of security and access systems because it does not spend on advertising, however, there’s something about this company that you can never say about the competition: It is, hands down the best one around.

This is not something that we made up. You can check in the forums, or EEAutomation you will find that all recommendations indicate this brand. So when you have to install a  security and/or access system, the only thing you need to do is install it. There’s no need to search for another brand.

The main reason why it’s able to offer the best products is its focus on research. As we said before, Paradox does not spend as much on advertising. Pretty much all of its advertising comes from word-of-mouth advertising by the customers themselves who are active in the forums and strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to install the best security and system. The main focus of the company is supplying personalized high-quality systems and SP6000 alarm system to its clients.

If you wish to use a Paradox, you need to find a local distributor in your country. While it does not have a list of exclusive distributors on its website, we’re pretty sure you can find information on your country’s distributor by searching on Google.

What products does the company offer? It offers security and access systems, motion sensors, security software. Additionally, it offers one of the more popular brands of security and access systems around: Spectra SP, Magellan, Stay D, and Paradox Insight.

It does offer a lot, but you may be wondering which system is best to install. Well, there’s just one way that can be done. You to consult with a Paradox distributor.

You will find people available who, upon reading that Paradox is the best brand out there for security and access systems, still try to look for another brand that’s comparable to it. It does not seem sensible. Something that good should be put to good use.

But we totally understand if a person does it because of price concerns – most of the time, the best ones are often the most expensive. However, we really don’t need to tell you that you only get what you pay for in life. And it is true for anything, including access and systems. So, if you wish to obtain the best in security for some reason or another, then you need to install Paradox and the brands that it offers.

We are very confident that the cost of installing a Paradox will not bite into your company’s bottom line considering it has been around for a long time, relatively speaking.

Of course, you shouldn’t be installing it if you don’t need it, which brings us to this part: Do you need a security and access system? Well, that really depends. All companies need a security system to keep unauthorized persons from entering their premises. But access systems are optional.